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Service Rates

At Red Tie Courier Services, LLC, our services are priced in accordance with the time of day the package is picked up and urgency level. We fulfill deliveries both locally and out of state.  All deliveries are fulfilled by professional representatives wearing a company badge.  Our dress code is always business casual because we realize that we are not just making a simple delivery, we are delivering your business image!

Professional delivery base fees are as follows:


End of Business Day:  Prices start at $30 for pick ups before 10:00am

Immediate Attention: Pick up & delivered Immediately ~ $60

Out of State/Area:  $1.80 per mile going, $0.90 per mile returning 

For corporate pricing, contracts, and proposals email:  info@redtiecourier.com

*Additional charges are applicable for deliveries over 50 pounds

*10 minute pick-up and delivery times are included in base price

*Base prices assume delivery destination is within 20 miles of pick up location

*Deliveries picked up after 5:00pm or during weekends may have a higher base rate

*Courthouse tasks are billed on a case by case basis

*Document printing fees start at $25

*Prices are subject to change based on individual circumstances of each delivery or event

*Refunds and/or credits are issued at the sole discretion of Red Tie Courier Services LLC

*South Charlotte pick up fees may vary

*Cancellation fees apply